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Anderson, George

a young production assistant who worked at the 

Buckland, Raymond: The Fortune–Telling Book: The radio station., who pleaded with Martin to have 

Encyclopedia of Divination and Soothsaying. Detroit: Anderson on the show. Though Martin felt sure 

Visible Ink Press, 2004
he would simply expose the man as a phony, he 

Guiley, Rosemary Ellen: The Encyclopedia of Ghosts and was greatly surprised when Anderson began to 

Spirits. New York: Facts On File, 1992
give him intimate details of his life—things 

Shepard, Leslie A: Encyclopedia of Occultism & Para- which no one else could possibly know.

psychology. New York: Avon Books, 1978
Over the next several years Anderson and 

Martin worked together compiling records of 

tests they did of Anderson doing both public and 
private readings. All readings done on the radio 

shows involved anonymous callers, who limited 
George Anderson is the youngest child of 
their responses to no more than “yes” and “no.” 
George and Eleanor Anderson, who lived 
In Martin’s words:
on New York’s Long Island. His brothers and sis- 
ter are Alfred, Dolores, and James. At age six, 
“Invariably the results are the same: George 
George Jr. had a near fatal bout with chicken pox 
reveals to his subjects information—about 
that led to encephalomyelitis (inflammation of 
events, experiences, trivia, even nick- 
the spinal cord and brain). He was temporarily 
names—for which the only possible source 
paralyzed and unable to walk for several months. 
is the living consciousness, the spirit, of 
Perhaps this illness in some way brought about the deceased. In some cases, the spirits give 

George’s psychic and mediumistic abilities, for it forth information about events that 

was shortly after his recovery that he correctly occurred during and after their own physi- 

predicted the death of a friend’s grandmother.
cal death, or that will occur in the future.”

Anderson attended a parochial Roman The two men kept notes, and audio and video 

Catholic school on Long Island, where the nuns tapes, with full details from the day they first met. 

were aghast as he began to display his psychic This information eventually developed into a 
powers. One nun reportedly threatened to “beat 
book written by Martin with a co-author, Patricia 
him insane,” and there was talk of committing 
Romanowski, and published in 1988 (We Don’t 
him to a psychiatric institution. He was misdiag- 
Die, G. P. Putnam’s Sons). The book was an 
nosed as a passive schizophrenic but quickly immediate success and was followed three years 

rejected the sedative medications pushed at him.
later with a second book (We Are Not Forgotten) 

and other subsequent titles.
After leaving school, Anderson worked for a 

while as a switchboard operator. In 1973 he As Martin noted, “People need to know not 

joined a local psychic group, and he gradually only that their loved ones continue to exist in 

allowed his mediumship to mature. In 1978 a some form and dimension, but that they still play 

good friend, Eileen Maher, encouraged Anderson a role in their lives here on earth.” This is the 

to commit seriously to developing his psychic and essence of Spiritualism. Information received by 

mediumistic abilities and to work more with the mediums, from the spirits of the deceased, show 

general public. This he did. He was also encour- that there is continuation of “life” after the tran- 
aged and counseled by his friend Monsignor sition known as “death.” These experiences 

Thomas Hartman. Anderson worked seriously at invariably provide details that are far from earth- 

his calling for eight years. In 1980 he met Joel shattering in themselves but that prove, beyond a 

Martin, host of a successful late night radio show, shadow of a doubt, to the sitters, that the spirit 

and appeared on the show in October of that coming through is indeed the same person they 

year. Martin had been introduced to Anderson by
knew and loved when alive. Verification that the


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