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Allison, Lydia Winterhalter

Alden to arrange a camp meeting, which was Sarah Estep in 1982 “to provide objective evi- 

held from Tuesday, September 11 until Sunday, dence that we survive death in an individual con- 

September 16, 1877. Annual camp meetings fol- scious state.” Estep published a quarterly newslet- 

lowed, with the second one running for an addi- ter that contained ideas on experiments and 

tional ten days. At that time Alden’s Grove was equipment and reported on developments in elec- 

fenced in and a cottage was built on the property. tronic voice phenomena (EVP) and instrumental 

The camp meetings ran regularly until Alden’s transcommunication (ITC). She authored a book 

death in 1878 and then continued under the on her personal experiences, titled Voices of Eternity 

aegis of his son Theodore Alden.

Members of AA-EVP experiment with a wide 

Buckland, Raymond: Buckland’s Book of Spirit Commu- variety of devices, testing different concepts. 

nications. St. Paul: Llewellyn, 2004
These include radios, telephones, tape recorders, 

Vogt, Paula M. and Joyce LaJudice: Lily Dale Proud video equipment, computers, still cameras, and 
answering machines. They maintain that the 
Beginnings: A Little Bit of History Lily Dale: Lily Dale 
spirits of the dead can, and have, communicated 
Museum, 1984
through all of these devices. Estep rates the voic- 

es at three levels. Class A are clear, can be dupli- 
cated onto other tapes, and can even be heard 
without headphones. Class B can sometimes be 

Lydia Allison, an ardent psychical researcher heard without headphones but are not as clear 

in both America and Great Britain, helped and constant as Class A. Class C are very faint 

found the Boston Society for Psychical Research and can easily be overlooked, often being lost in 

in 1925. From 1921 through 1927 Allison made background sound.

frequent trips to England in order to sit with vari- 
The association stresses that any “objective evi- 
ous mediums including the famous Gladys 
dence” must be based on good science. Conse- 
Osborne Leonard.
quently the members take great care to maintain 
Allison served as a Trustee of the American 
an objective view of the phenomena and to thor- 
Society for Psychical Research from 1941 until oughly examine all possible explanations to ensure 

her death in 1959, chairing its committee on pub- that any messages are truly nonphysical in origin.

lication from 1943 to 1959. She was also a mem- 
After running AA-EVP for eighteen years, 
ber of the International Committee for the Study 
Estep handed over leadership to Lisa and Tom 
of Parapsychological Methods, part of the Society 
Butler, who have developed and expanded the 
for Psychical Research in London. She attended 
association. Pioneers instrumental in leading 
the First International Conference of Parapsycho- 
logical Studies in Utrecht, Holland, in 1953.
Sarah Estep to create the society include Friedrich 

J̈rgenson, Konstantin Raudive, Franz Seidl, 

Scott Rogo, Raymond Bayless, Klaus Schreiber, 

Shepard, Leslie A: Encyclopedia of Occultism & Para- and others.
psychology. New York: Avon Books, 1978

AAAmerican Association of Electronic Voice Phenome- 
Butler, Tom and Lisa: There Is No Death and There Are 
No Dead. Reno: AA-EVP, 2003

The American Association of Electronic Voice Estep, Sarah: Voices of Eternity. New York: Ballantine, 

Phenomena (AA-EVP) was founded by


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