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Alden, Willard

̂direct communication with all other subconscious 
minds, and is capable of interpreting through his 
̂k̂sa, or Akasha, is equated with the ele- 
objective mind and imparting impressions 
ment of air and is a term denoting pure spir- 
received to other objective minds.”
it. It is sometimes referred to as “the breath of 

god” or “ether-space,” incorporating sound in its Sometimes referred to as the “Book of Life,” 

qualities. The Ramayana, II. 110. 5 makes Brah- the Akashic records have special importance to 

ma spring from this ether. ̂k̂sa is called the some sects and religions that believe in reincar- 

fifth cosmic element; the subtle spiritual essence nation. Some Spiritualist mediums and psychics 

that pervades all space. The Bhagavad-Gita says claim that they access this Book of Life, in much 

that prakriti (primal nature or substance) mani- the same way as did Cayce, when doing psychic 

fests in eight portions: air, earth, fire, water, ether and past life readings. One concept of the 
Akashic records is that they may not be used for 
(̂k̂sa), mind, understanding, self-sense.
self gain, other than spiritual advancement.


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and events that have ever taken place anywhere 

in the world. The belief is that all things make an 

impression on the ̂k̂sa, or soniferous ether. The ALDEN, WILLARD (1800–1878)

Akashic Records are akin to the Collective 
Willard Alden owned land beside Lake Cas- 
Unconsciousness, or Universal Mind, as postulat- 
sadaga in upstate New York, where Spiritu- 
ed by Carl Jung. Helena Blavatsky refers to the 
alists first started holding regular meetings in 
̂k̂sa as “the subtle, supersensuous spiritual 
1871. He married Corintha Wilcox on September 
essence which pervades all space; the primordial 
27, 1832, in Cassadaga, Chautauqua, New York. 
substance erroneously identified with Ether. But 
it is to Ether what Spirit is to Matter . the Uni- They had two children: Theodore Cleremont (b. 

versal Space in which lies inherent the eternal 1833) and Theodosia Augusta (b. 1835).

Ideation of the Universe..”
The Spiritualist meetings started as simple 

picnics to which Alden invited fellow Spiritual- 
Certain adepts may tap into these impressions 
ists. They were for fun and socializing, but soon 
in order to review such things as past lives. It is 
grew more serious. Willard Alden became more 
akin to having a computer that contains all the 
and more serious about Spiritualism and engaged 
details of everyone and everything from the begin- 
Lyman C. Howe, a prominent proponent of and 
ning of time. In pre-computer days the Akashic 
lecturer on Spiritualism, to speak at a meeting on 
Records were likened to a vast library containing 
Sunday June 15, 1873. At that time Alden’s 
the collective records of the ages. Some early writ- 
ers even believed that such a library actually exist- Grove was dedicated to the special care of the 

ed (physically or astrally) beneath the Sphinx, or Spiritualists. A series of popular one-day events 
featuring lectures and discussions with prominent 
some such place. Edgar Cayce, the “Sleeping 
speakers continued for four years.
Prophet,” received much of his information from 

the Akashic Records. According to Dr. Wesley In 1877 Jeremiah Carter, at the behest of a 

Ketcham, who worked with him, Cayce was “in
spirit voice he kept hearing, prevailed upon


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