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Many thanks to my agent, Agnes Birnbaum, and to the staff and associates of Visi- 

ble Ink Press, including Marty Connors, Roger J̈necke, Roger Matuz, Mary 

Beth Perrot, Christa Gainor, Terri Schell, Christopher Scanlon, John Krol, Mary 

Claire Krzewinski, Robert Huffman, Peggy Daniels, and Marco Di Vita. My thanks 

also to Rebecca Weller of Psychic News and Ron Nagy of the Lily Dale Museum.

Special thanks to Theresa K. Murray, who completed her part of this project 

under the most trying of circumstances. Her indexing work is dedicated to the memo- 

ry of her parents, Mary (Evy) (November 21, 1924–June 25, 2005) and Lee (Decem- 
ber 22, 1922–July 7, 2005) Kuhn, who made contact at a difficult time.

Although my personal library was able to furnish most of the research materi- 

al, I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the part that the World Wide Web now 
plays in bringing material straight to the writer’s computer. Hours of laborious study 

are cut short with the click of a few keys.

Finally, my deepest thanks to my wife, Tara, for her continual encouragement, 
constructive criticism, and constant support over a period of concentrated writing. In 

this instance I owe her an additional special debt of gratitude for nursing me through 

the aftereffects of open heart surgery.


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