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Ariǵ, Joś

occasion Bailey was suspected of fraud, though he guide claimed to have been a German surgeon in 

usually was able to explain away any ambiguities.
World War I. He would take control of Ariǵ’s 

body, with Ariǵ going into a trance, and would 
The famous medium Estelle Roberts, and her 
operate on sick people.
guide Red Cloud, also produced apports. Ken- 

neth Evett, Roberts’s son-in-law, once asked if he Ariǵ first became aware of his healing talent 

might receive an apport from Egypt. Red Cloud shortly after finding a crucifix lying in the street. 

agreed. Some time later, after a large number of He picked it up and took it home. At that time 

the sitters had received apports, Evett got his he ran a restaurant and, out of the kindness of his 

wish. It was a beautiful scarab talisman edged heart, he would feed an old man who frequently 
with gold. Red Cloud said it came from Abydos, 
came in at closing time. One day he asked the 
though Evett was unfamiliar with the place 
man to arrive earlier if he wanted to eat. The 
name. Later he took the scarab to the British 
man suggested that instead Ariǵ might bring the 
Museum to get an expert’s opinion on it. He was 
food to him at the local cemetery. Ariǵ refused 
told it was indeed a genuine specimen, and was 
and the man told him that it was he who had left 
typical of the scarabs from Abydos.
the crucifix for Ariǵ to find. The man said that 

if Ariǵ held it in his hand and said a prayer, he 
One of the best known apport mediums was 
could cure the sick. Ariǵ was skeptical but tried 
“Madame d’Esperance” (Elizabeth Hope), whose 
it out on a sick neighbor. It worked, and she was 
spirit guide was a young girl named Yolande. At 
one śance Yolande presented her medium with a cured. From then on he devoted part of every day 

huge golden lily, as tall as the medium herself. to healing the sick.

This was similar to an apport produced at one of 
When confronted with a dying relative whom 
Mrs. Guppy’s sittings when a friend of the natu- 
the doctors said they could not cure, Ariǵ 
ralist Alfred Russel Wallace asked for a sunflower. 
grabbed a knife from the kitchen and, before he 
No sooner had he done so than a huge, six-foot 
could be stopped, cut into the woman’s stomach 
specimen, with clumps of earth still clinging to it, 
and removed a huge tumor. Pressing the sides of 
thumped down on the śance table.
the wound together, they healed and the woman 
recovered. Ariǵ came out of a trance that he 
had gone into. This was when he first became 
Barbanell, Maurice: This Is Spiritualism. Oxshott: The 
aware of the deceased German doctor operating 
Spiritual Truth Press, 1959
through him. Ariǵ went on to perform other 
Guiley, Rosemary Ellen: The Encyclopedia of Ghosts and 
such “operations” using unsterilized instruments 
Spirits. New York: Facts On File, 1992
such as kitchen knives, scissors, tweezers, and 
Podmore, Frank: Modern Spiritualism. London: 1902; 
similar. He always worked in trance and without 
reprinted as Mediums of the Nineteenth Century. 
giving his patients any form of anesthetic. News 
New York: University Books, 1963
of these unconventional cures quickly spread and 

soon Ariǵ was being asked to treat hundreds of 

ARIǴ, JOŚ (1918–1971)
desperate people. At one time a group of doctors 

Jfrom South America watched as Ariǵ removed a 
oś Pedro de Freitas, later known as Joś 
tumor from a young woman’s womb, using an 
Ariǵ, was born in Congonhas do Campo, ordinary pair of scissors. The woman was con- 
Brazil, in 1918. As a child he had many psychic 
scious throughout the entire operation and expe- 
experiences, seeing lights and hearing voices 
rienced no pain.
that spoke to him in a variety of languages he did 

not understand. When he was in his early thir- In 1956 Ariǵ was finally arrested for illegally 

ties, he discovered that he had a spirit guide practicing medicine. Following the announce- 

who called himself Dr. Adolphus Fritz. This
ment of an eight-month sentence and fine, in


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