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elapse. The possibility of her being concealed in 

the room is as absurd as the idea of her acting in 

collusion with the media.” W. H. Harrison, the 

man who had originally suggested her for an 

apport, together with another of the sitters, 

escorted Mrs. Guppy the two miles back to her 

home. There they found that the servants could 

attest to the fact that one minute Mrs. Guppy 

had been sitting in her study doing the house- 

hold accounts, and the next she had disap- 

peared. In fact her friend Miss Neyland had 

been in the room with her, reading a newspaper. 

When she happened to look up she found that 
Mrs. Guppy had disappeared, leaving a slight 

haze near the ceiling. Mr. Guppy, on being told 

that his wife had disappeared, commented that 

the spirits must have taken her and went off to 

eat his supper! He was about eighty years old at 

the time.

White Hawk, the guide of medium Kathleen 
Barkel, frequently had apport “parties,” as he 

called them. He thought they were a lot of fun, 

and the sitters usually agreed with him. At one of 

Barkel’s śances, a ring materialized between the 
Photograph of a golden lily, which appeared at a śance 
cupped hands of Maurice Barbanell. When he 
in June, 1890. Courtesy Fortean Picture Library.
examined it, he found it to be a plain nine-carat 

gold ring with the words Per ardua ad astra—B 
are not restricted to small items. There is a won- 
derful story of the two mediums Charles engraved on the inside. White Hawk explained 

Williams and Frank Herne who specialized in that the ring came from the late author Dennis 

apport śances. They were giving a śance and Bradley. Barbanell immediately recognized that 

someone jokingly suggested that they should Per ardua ad astra—meaning “through difficulties 

apport the famous medium Mrs. Agnes Guppy, towards the stars”—was the motto of the Royal 

who lived only a short distance from their Air Force, in which Bradley had served. Also, 
Bradley’s first book about Spiritualism had been 
śance room in High Holborn, London. This 
titled Towards the Stars. The letter B was appro- 
suggestion was greeted with laughter since Mrs. 
priate both for Bradley and for Barbanell.
Guppy was a very large woman. But within a 

matter of minutes, a very large figure suddenly The Australian medium known as Charles 

appeared, with a thump, on the top of the table. Bailey, through his guide Abdul, apported such 

It was Mrs. Guppy, wearing a dressing gown, items as live fish, crabs and turtles, live birds sit- 

holding a pen wet with ink, and looking very ting on eggs in their nests, rare antiques and 
startled. Frank Podmore (Modern Spiritualism, coins, a stone from beneath the sea still dripping 

1902) repeats an account that appeared in the with salt water, a human skull, and ancient clay 

Echo of June 8, 1871, written by one of the sit- cylinders with Babylonian inscriptions. Many 

ters at the śance, which says “From the joking apports produced by Bailey, for his sponsor 

remark about bringing Mrs. G. to the time that Thomas Welton Stanford, are now to be seen at 

she was on the table three minutes did not
the Leland Stanford University in California. On


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