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Apparitions have been seen by a number of when developed it showed a clear image of her 

people at the same time. Frequently when this late husband standing behind her chair (see Spirit 

happens the observers see the apparition from Photography).

different viewpoints, depending upon where they 

are standing at the time. It is, therefore, as Sources:

though there is an actual person present, rather Auerbach, Lloyd: ESP, Hauntings and Poltergeists: A 
Parapsychologist’s Handbook. New York: Warner 
than something similar to a projected figure. One 
Books, 1986
may see the full face, another the side of the face, 
Gurney, Edmund; Frederick W. H. Myers; and Frank 
and another the back of the head.
Podmore: Phantasms of the Living. London: The Soci- 

Apparitions of long-dead people have been ety for Psychical Research and Trubner & Co., 1886

seen, often on a regular or irregular basis. Also, Leonard, Sue (ed): Quest For the Unknown—Life Beyond 

some apparitions speak (or the observer “hears” Death. Pleasantville: Reader’s Digest, 1992

words in his or her head) and even responds to Owen, A. R. G.: Man, Myth & Magic: Visions. Lon- 
questions and observations. Not all apparitions 
don: BPC Publishing, 1970
are visual. It is not uncommon to hear sounds or 
Steiger, Brad: Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits, and Haunted 
voices, to smell particular scents, and to be 
Places. Detroit: Visible Ink Press, 2003
touched by invisible hands. These latter points tie 

in with the experiences of Spiritualist mediums, 

when they contact spirits of deceased persons. A
Clairvoyants usually “see” the spirit as though a 
The word is from the French apporter, mean- 
solid person. Clairaudiants hear the voice.
ing “to bring.” In Spiritualism, an apport is 

Apparitions of religious figures are often report- something that has been brought into the śance 

ed by devout followers. As many as one in thirty room by a spirit—usually the spirit guide of the 

apparitions are of the religious type, and generally medium. It appears “out of thin air” and is some- 

referred to as “visions.” The Roman Catholic times initially hot to the touch. The explanation 

Church, however, is slow to accept such sightings is that the object has dematerialized, been trans- 
on faith. A.R.G. Owen (Man, Myth & Magic— 
ported (or “teleported”) through space, and then 
Visions) points out that there are “fashions” in 
rematerialized in the śance room. Some apports 
visions: “In the Middle Ages visionaries saw saints 
suddenly appear on the table in the middle of the 
and martyrs and, in certain limited circles, appari- circle of sitters. Some actually materialize in the 

tions of the child Jesus were extremely frequent. hands of one or more of the sitters. Some materi- 

Later, visions of the suffering and wounded Jesus or alize in the trumpet, if there is one, and are then 

of his Sacred Heart were favored. In recent times tipped out of either the bell end or the mouth- 

the Virgin Mary has almost monopolized the piece end. Interestingly, Maurice Barbanell, the 

field.” Despite the number of reported visions— psychic investigator, spoke of some apports 

some by saints and other holy persons—the appearing this way and added that although they 

Roman Catholic Church only accepts the possibili- were tipped out of the small mouthpiece end of 

ty of their being true.
the trumpet, the objects were actually larger than 

the diameter of that end.
Apparitions have appeared in a large number 
of photographs. They have not been visible to the The apport itself can be anything. Small pre- 

people present but have shown up in photographs cious and semiprecious stones are common, but 

developed later. In 1865, after the assassination of it could be a piece of jewelry, a vase, a book, or 

President Lincoln, his widow Mary Todd Lincoln even a living thing such as a flower, bird, or 

went incognito to a Boston photographer named small animal. (In the case of Eusapia Paladino, 

William Mumler. He took her photograph and
she once apported a dead rat!) In fact apports


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