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Anka, Darryl

Mohammedan writings there is an angel of death, 

Azreal, and an angel of destruction, Asrafil. 

There are also angels armed with whips of iron 

and fire (Moukir and Nakir). The Koran speaks 

of there being two angels for every person; one to 

record the good deeds and one the bad. In the 

New Testament Lucifer, an angel, defied God and 

was cast out of heaven. One third of the other 

angels went with him. They became known as 

the demons of hell, with Lucifer renamed Satan.

In early Church writings, angels would be mis- 

taken for men (not having yet acquired their 

wings). In fact in Daniel 8:16 and 9:21 Gabriel is 

actually referred to simply as a man (“the man 

Gabriel, whom I had seen in the vision”). Today, 

there seems a throwback to that idea, with many 

people claiming to talk with angels and to see 

angels in human form. On the Internet there is a 

site dedicated to stories of angel encounters, at One typical story 
is of a woman’s recollection of going to church 

with her father when she was twelve years old. 

Her father usually sang at the church but had 

missed a performance because of having the flu. 
Angels surround a crucified Christ in “Vision of the 
He went there wanting to test his voice in the 
Cross” from Dante’s Paradiso. Courtesy Fortean 
empty church. As he strained to sing, the daugh- Picture Library.

ter saw what she took to be an angel “dressed in a 

white robe” walk forward from the altar and place 
They described their experiences in a book Talk- 
his hands on the father’s shoulder. His voice ing with Angels (Watkins). Their medium was 

immediately changed and became strong and full West German Gabriele Wittek.

again. The angel disappeared. The daughter told 

the father what she had seen and he admitted to Sources:

having felt a sudden warmth envelop him. This is Angels Online: 
typical of the stories of angel encounters.
Burnham, Sophy: A Book of Angels. New York: Ballan-

Many mediums and psychics, as well as ordi- tine, 1990

nary people, say they have had this kind of expe- Encyclopedia Britannica. Chicago: William Benton, 1964 

rience. Sometimes, as in the above story, there is Godwin, Michael: Angels. New York: Simon & Schuster,
a report of a visible manifestation. Mediums 

experience the contact through clairvoyance and Spence, Lewis: An Encyclopedia of the Occult. London:
George Routledge & Sons, 1920
clairaudience. In Spiritualism there is a belief in 
a Spirit Guide, or Guardian Spirit. Most medi- 

ums have one, who acts as a “doorkeeper” during 
A, D
śances. This could certainly be viewed as a NKAARRYL

Guardian Angel. During World War II, in Darryl Anka is a channeler for the entity 

Budapest, a group of Hungarian artists claimed to Bashar. Bashar claims to be from the planet 

have been in contact with a number of angels.
Essassani, which he describes as being 500 light


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