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Andrews, Mary

spirit is truly who it claims to be brings tremen- At the end of the year’s tour, therefore, Anderson 

dous comfort to the sitters. On the television concentrated on doing readings that would bring 

show Larry King Live, on March 6, 2001, Rabbi comfort to those who had lost loved ones. In 

Shmuley Boteach asked of psychic medium 1991 he published his second book with Martin 

James Van Praagh, “Aren’t you a bit surprised and Romanowski, in 1994 the third, and in 1997 

that the only message that the dead seem to be a fourth, all of which have now been translated 

able to give us is someone had a nickname Miss into many different languages. Anderson found 

Piggy? And they can only tell us that, you know, I himself in constant demand for readings. Today 

had a heart condition?.. I want to hear just one he works tirelessly at comforting the bereaved. 

of the psychics today tell me when is there going He is popular throughout Europe and in South 

to be the next bus bombing in Tel Aviv so we can Africa and parts of Asia.

avoid going on that bus.” Obviously the good 
Rabbi had not thought through what he was say- 
ing. If a psychic gave such a prediction, there Anderson, George: Lessons From the Light. New York: 

would be no reason for the Rabbi, or anyone else, Putnam’s, 1999

to pay him or her any heed. Where would be the Anderson, George: Walking in the Garden of Souls. New 

proof? But when the deceased indicates to a York: Putnam’s, 2001

bereaved relative information that may seem friv- George Anderson Grief Support Programs: http:// 

olous to the Rabbi or others, details such as a

family nickname or the specific details of a med- Martin, Joel and Patricia Romanowski: Love Beyond 

ical condition, the experience is incredibly evi- Life. New York: Putnam’s, 1997

dential to the bereaved, proving beyond doubt Martin, Joel and Patricia Romanowski: Our Children 

that the spirit is present and that life does indeed Forever. New York: Putnam’s, 1994

continue beyond death. George Anderson and Martin, Joel and Patricia Romanowski: We Are Not 

other such mediums work with anonymous sitters Forgotten. New York: Putnam’s, 1991

to obtain this verification through correct infor- Martin, Joel and Patricia Romanowski: We Don’t Die. 
mation known only to the sitters and the 
New York: Putnam’s, 1988
deceased relative. Occasionally the deceased 

reveals information that even the sitters don’t 
A, M
know, and research is necessary to the accuracy of NDREWSARY

the message. In such cases, the possibility of M
ary Andrews, of Moravia, New York, was 
telepathy between medium and sitter is ruled out one of the earliest materialization medi- 

as an explanation.
ums. Described as “a plain, uneducated peasant 

woman,” she held her śances in the home of a 
After the appearance of the first book, Ander- 
neighboring farmer named Keeler. Starting in 
son did a nationwide tour. He also demonstrated 
1871, she conducted two types of śances: “dark- 
his abilities on such television shows as Donahue, 
room śances” and “light-room śances.” The for- 
Live with Regis & Kathie Lee, and Larry King Live, 
mer was held in total darkness and the latter in 
plus numerous regional shows on both television 
only slightly diminished light.
and radio. Many of the shows aligned him with 

dyed-in-the-wool skeptics who would never be In the dark-room śances, questions asked by 
convinced no matter the weight of the evidence. the sitters were answered by spirit lights. There 

As Martin put it, “George decided that sparring was a lot of physical phenomena, including the 

with skeptics, convincing reporters and talk show playing of a piano that was in the śance room, 

hosts that he is for real, and seeking out the next the sprinkling of water into the faces of the sit- 

scientist with the next theory about what makes ters, the sound of spirit voices, and touching by 

him tick stole time from helping the bereaved.”
spirit hands. In the light-room śances, Mary


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