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Published by Stuart Nettleton

ISBN 0646340220

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1Edition 1998; 2& 3Edition 1999; 4Edition 2000; 
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5to 7Edition 2001; 8to 11Edition 2002

Nettleton, Stuart 1952-

The Alchemy Key: The Mystical Provenance of the Philosophers' Stone

1. Alchemy

2. Gold

3. Philosophy - Ancient

4. Philosophy - Medieval

5. Hermeticism

6. Holy Grail

7. Freemasonry

8. Rosicrucianism

9. Judaism

10. Egypt - Religion - Influence

11. Bible - Old Testament Criticism, Interpretation etc

12. Bible - New Testament Criticism, Interpretation etc

13. Chemistry - History

14. Chemistry - Modern

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Frontispiece: Statuette of St George, Munich & Augsburg, 1586-1597 & 

1638-1642, Treasury of the Munich Residence, © 1995 Bayerische 

Verwaltung der staatlichen Schl̈sser, Garten und Seen, M̈nchen

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