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in a yearly cycle, embody the complex symbolism of alchemy and the 


Yet, the infamous Faustian objectives of unbelievable wealth and 

the Elixir of Life have also kindled the worst of human greed and avarice. 

The outcome was often disastrous for all involved. Loss of money, 

counterfeiting, swindles and murder. As a result, alchemy’s daughter, 

Science, led the world to believe that she had abandoned the pursuits of 

her mother in the sixteenth century. However, chemistry, physics, 

metallurgy, medicine and pharmaceuticals all flourished.

This book analyses the closely related development of alchemical 

metals and glass technology from the earliest known practices in 

Anatolia, Syro-Palestine and Egypt. The Sabians of Harran and Yemen, 

and the Melchizedek priests of Jerusalem contribute a great deal. Using 

knowledge from Hermetic philosophy, we investigate the wet method of 

alchemy to find the green and lilac Philosophers' Stones.

The importance of Light and Dew emerges from many diverse 

sources such as garden roses, the orders of Rosicrucians and the historical 

milieu of the Knights Templars. We find that the Ancient of Days could 

be much more than a vision of Ezekiel. The romances of the Holy Grail 

integrate all of our knowledge of the Philosophers' Stone into a 

consummate whole.

Yet, our historical background can never be more than informed 

conjecture based on abundant circumstantial evidence. Considerable 

Jewish evidence is contained in the Bible and Kabbalah, both of which 

are deeply mystical and archetypal. Even these sources have more 

objective coherence than those of the other major group, the Rosicrucian 

descendants of the Indo-Hittites. The Rosicrucians prized oral over 

written tradition and have kept almost no records. The Elizabethan 

canons of literature are prominent exceptions.

A new, modern element has abruptly changed this duopoly of 

knowledge. Whitegold, the modern Philosophers' Stone, now exists as a 

scientific fact. Many countries even granted patents. Whitegold spans the 

gulf of physical credibility in alchemy and integrates biblical mysticism 

with the oral traditions of the Rosicrucians. It is the one and only tangible 

element in a sea of subjective cleverness. The chapters that follow build 

on this newfound bridge of understanding.

Four major theories integrate this work. These are the dynamics 

of population interfaces in the Crucibles of Humanity, the emergence of 

the Israelite race, their early homeland aspirations and the ancient heritage


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