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The Philosophers’ Stone was sought as a wonderful medicine that had the 

power to repair the human body thereby increasing human life almost 

indefinitely. The Bible itself had declared that Melchizedek the King of 

Salem, who first possessed the Philosophers' Stone, would live forever.

Here is a key. Perhaps you will 

use it to open a new door. 

Beware! Once through the door 

you will find the pursuit of 

Wisdom demands either your full- 

time attention or none at all. If 

you become a philosopher, your 

friends may think you have 

become a little mad. Indeed, what 

would be made of you? Glassy- 

eyed, preoccupied, strange friends, 

muttering about ancient history, 

the Good and the Righteous, and 

chemistry. Things most people 

simply don't think about.

Those who have preceded you for at least five thousand years would 

smile: ‘How you come to terms with this is no concern of ours. We don't 

even know if you are serious.’

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St George & the Dragon

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