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learn that Dr. McGarey*s clinical research has demonstrated 

that the application of castor oil externally to the abdomen 
can increase significantly the total lymphocyte count, thus 

strengthening the body's immune system. The results of this 

preliminary testing at the A.R.E. Clinic, financed by a grant 
from the Fetzer Foundation, should be enough to justify 

much greater research into the healing mechanism trig- 
gered by castor oil.

Meanwhile, Dr. Bill continues to do what he feels called 

to do, a humble healer with a noble mission that is served 
well by this valuable book. It is a worthy addition to any li- 

brary, as a primer for understanding the growing awareness 

of "energy medicine" and as a handy reference for when to 
use the oil for many minor ailments and serious dysfunc- 

tions. For as a country doctor he quotes once said, "Castor 

oil will leave the body in better condition than it found it."
That's a sound prescription for us all.

A. Robert Smith


Venture Inward magazine


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