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who applied castor oil, Dr. Bill reminds me of a New Eng- 

land doctor who years ago proclaimed the health benefits 
of drinking water laced with honey and vinegar. It is so 

simple and inexpensive, one wonders why all doctors don't 

recommend it
But Dr. Bill does much more here than tell poignant suc- 

cess stories of sick people who got well by applying the oil 
he often recommends. He offers us a basic education about 

the healing process itself—a process misunderstood by 

those who believe that it is the doctor or the drug, or both, 
that heals us. Not so, says the author, based on his long ex- 

perience as a family physician. Healing is a natural 

God-given function of the body, in collaboration with the 
mind and spirit. Disease or a failure to heal signals a dys- 

function in one or all systems.

Dr. McGarey, a true medical pioneer, has shown great 
courage in betting his professional reputation on this con- 

cept, which he learned from studying and testing the 
concepts found in the Edgar Cayce readings, because it is 

very disturbing to many elements of the health care com- 

munity. Many mainstream practitioners scoff at this 
"unscientific" theory—although it is one that is much more 

widely accepted today than when Dr. McGarey began prac- 

ticing it over twenty years ago at the A.R.E. Clinic he 
founded in Phoenix, Arizona. Many patients reject this con- 

cept of healing because they would rather believe they are 

the victim of an external cause than take personal responsi- 
bility for their condition. And the "disease-care industry," as 

Dr. C. Norman Shealy describes the hospital-health insur- 
ance business, finds this concept threatening. It could 

reduce health problems if we learn to give our body-mind- 

spirit all the natural advantages needed to promote 
self-healing. Dr. Bill is doing his very best to teach us how.

While some health practitioners may regard "the oil that 

heals" as just another "snake oil" or placebo, readers will

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