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There is no zealot like the nonbeliever whohas seen the 

light. I suppose I fit that description when it comes to castor 

oil. As a child, I had too many distasteful encounters with a 
concoction my mother made by adding a liberal dose of 

castor oil to my orange juice and making sure that I forced it 
down. I hated the taste, and for years afterward avoided or- 

ange juice because of the unpleasant association.

Today, thanks to having been enlightened by Dr. William 
A. McGarey, I'm a true believer that we can enjoy the health 

benefits of "the oil that heals" without drinking a drop of it. 

Consequently, I keep a bottle of it close at hand and use it 
often. Castor oil often seems miraculous, for who would 

expect so many beneficial medicinal effects—everything 

from preventing abdominal surgery to dissolving gallstones 
and eliminating warts—from a common, inexpensive lu- 

bricant, used mostly today for industrial purposes.
In describing cases of magical recoveries by his patients


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