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This book is simply, but with a great deal of love, dedi- 

cated to two individuals who have together shaped world 

thought in a way that benefits every individual living in it.
Edgar Cayce was born in 1877 in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, 

and lived a life that was sometimes painfully eventful. He 
had developed a gift in former lifetimes, however, which 

gave him the capacity to lie down and enter a state of al- 

tered consciousness that could then be tapped. He was able 
to touch in on the akashic records and the information in 

what we call universal consciousness.

He could contact the unconscious mind of individuals 
far distant from where he was giving a reading and could 

describe not only past lives, but also the state of the 

inquirer's physiological functioning and what needed to be 
done to return that individual to full health.

His legacy for the world was a library full of nearly 15,000 
psychic readings of such depth that they have not been 

equalled in this century, if, indeed, in any century. Hun- 

dreds of books have been written about this man and his 
readings, and thousands upon thousands of men and 

women and particularly children have awakened to new life 

through the use of the information he left I have not seen 
such a legacy rivaled in the thirty-seven years I have spent 

working with psychic data and this material as it related to 

the practice of medicine.
Edgar Cayce called his work the work of the Christ, and 

anyone who studies these readings to any depth would 
most likely agree. I certainly find it to be so.

I could not stop there. For, without the lifetime that Hugh 

Lynn Cayce (Edgar's eldest son) spent working with the 
readings, bringing the Work of the Christ to the attention of 

the world through his leadership, his traveling, speaking, 

writing, and enthusiasm, the A.R.E. would probably not

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