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In the silence, apart, alone,

It changes not, is ever present, never failing—

Think of it as the Mother of the Ten Thousand Things.

It seems to me now that we need a basis from which to 
start understanding the mystery of the body and that which 

brought it into being. I didn't look at life in exactly that way 

during my formative years, but what was happening inside 
my unconscious mind was the adoption of the idea of God 

as the Creative Force, the Beginning of all things, the Wis- 

dom that created me with His potential and made the path 
clear for the return voyage. And I accepted Jesus as the 

Christ, the Anointed One, who had already made the trip 
back to His beginning and who had performed something 

mystical here in the Earth that is still difficult to understand. 

Another experience for me, another step.
Communication has always been important to me. When I 

was in the eighth grade, my teacher told me I would some 

day write a book—she apparently saw that in my writing. 
From the time I was eleven years old until I finished college, 

I worked in some capacity with newspapers. Paperboy, 

printer's devil (they had those in the '30s), reporter, typeset- 
ter, printer, and—for a period of several months when the 

editor of the small-town newspaper was down with a heart 
attack—I was the acting editor of the paper—at age eighteen.

In college I took part in writing, helping to create a liter- 

ary publication, writing poetry and short stories, and 
helping with the college newspaper, editing it in my final 

year. It seemed that writing was something that had to be 

part of my destiny, wherever I found myself. The experi- 
ences that came about during those years taught me how to 

communicate, but one cannot communicate unilaterally. 

To write a story for the newspaper, I had to ask questions 
and listen to those who knew what was happening. Then 

I put my talents to work.

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