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from one environment which we call the earth plane to a 

spiritual setting where the surroundings are of a different 

vibratory nature. When we make that change, it is really I or 
you who steps into that other dimension.

When my mother died, I wasn't wise enough to smell the 
dandelions in that experience. Looking back, however, I 

know there is truth in the concept that every experience is 

an opportunity for soul growth. If life is indeed continuous, 
my inner being must have been aware of that reality, and 

what Edgar Cayce had to say about it was my inner lesson:

Life is continuous! The soul moves on, gaining by 

each experience that necessary for its comprehending 
of its kinship and relationship to Divine. (1004-2)

My belief system was rooted early in the Presbyterian 
church, although I have had past incarnations, too, as a 

Catholic priest. But in this life, I chose parents who had 

adopted the Presbyterian approach to their understanding 
of the Divine. From the time I was twelve years old, I taught 

others about the biblical story. At first, I taught seven- and 

eight-year-old students. After many years, I taught adults. 
In between, I aimed my life toward the ministry, but 

changed it midstream to medical education.
But my faith included the view of a Creative Force in the 

universe—and even outside the universe—which brought 

me into being and which created all things. This view 
brought me later to the writings of the Chinese mystic, Lao 

Tsu. He found the Divine to be the Mother of the Ten Thou- 

sand Things, and just as much of a mystery. These few 
words, however, from the Too Te Ching2 helped me feel 

more in touch with that which I could not truly explain:

Something, in veiled creation, came to be 

Before the earth was formed, or heaven.

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