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These three seemingly diverse subjects—Aesculapius, 

the 23rd Psalm, and my chosen life profession—all appear 
to be related: dreaming is not only for the health of the 

mind, anointing is not only of the spirit, and healing is cer- 

tainly not only of the physical body.
Perhaps it was, in part, this background which led me to 

begin investigation into the use of an oil which has its ori- 
gins in antiquity; which, in turn, has almost been discarded 

by medical practice today; but which, in his psychic dis- 

courses for those who were ill, Edgar Cayce advocated for 
more than fifty different conditions of illness in the human 

body and to which he attributed some quite remarkable 

Castor oil is still used in medicine as a cathartic, but my 

use of it in the form of a pack came about because of my 

familiarity with the Cayce readings, because of my study of 
them, and because I saw literally hundreds of instances in 

which such packs were advised for conditions of the body 
that seemed to be—in most instances—unrelated to each 

other. Yet each person was advised to use the same therapy.

It would be difficult to state now for what kind of condi- 
tion I first recommended the use of the castor oil pack. As 

results came, however, its utilization became more and 

more frequent. After three or four years, I began my earlier 
report, which eventually became the book dealing with my 

experiences up to that time.

In the years that have passed since that first attempt to 
record the changes that occur within the physiological 

functioning of the body from the use of castor oil, literally 
thousands of individuals have benefited by castor oil ap- 

plied as a pack and as a substance to be rubbed onto the 

body. There is probably no portion of the external human 
anatomy that has not been treated with this remarkable 


Then why not call it "the oil that heals"?


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