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called vibratory, when it is used therapeutically. For the 

present time, however, it probably is proper to say that the 
method of healing by using this oil is still undetermined. 

The results, however, have been apparent—not only in my 

experience, but in ancient times, as well as earlier in this 
century as reported in the medical literature.

It was twenty-six years ago that I first wrote a book about 
the use of castor oil in the practice of medicine. At that time, 

the manuscript was intended to be a simple report on the 

use of castor oil packs in the healing process of the human 
being. It was a monograph.

However, after the first couple of years, it became obvi- 

ous that the book would be helpful for the lay reader in 
searching out ways of improving one's health and general 

welfare, in addition to alleviating the symptoms of an ill- 

ness. So the monograph became a book. And it came to be 
called Edgar Cayce and the Palma Christi.

Now, after forty-six years in the practice of medicine and 
more than thirty-eight years as a student who has put into 

practice the concepts found in the Edgar Cayce readings, 

and after thousands of copies of the Palma Christi have 
found their way into the hands of the general public, I feel it 

is important to update and add to the original manuscript 

I am including some of the more important lessons I've 
learned and some of the interesting happenings that have 

come my way as my patients, my family, and my friends 

have used the castor oil packs on their own bodies.
Also, as these years have passed by, I've found the Bible 

and its contents coming into close association with the hu- 
man being and a person's amazing capabilities to become 

healed, and I've found the mind (the conscious and the sub- 

conscious) to be the link among the body, the emotions, 
and the spiritual essence of what we really are. The Bible 

with its wisdom, the Edgar Cayce readings, the mind, and 

the body are all interrelated through the use of these amaz-


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