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he Way of Liberation is a stripped-down, practical 

guide to spiritual liberation, sometimes called awak- 

ening, enlightenment, self-realization, or simply seeing what is 

absolutely True. It is impossible to know what words like libera- 

tion or enlightenment mean until you realize them for yourself. 

his being so, it is of no use to speculate about what enlighten- 

ment is; in fact, doing so is a major hindrance to its unfolding. As 

a guiding principle, to progressively realize what is not absolutely

True is of ininitely more value than speculating about what is. 

Many people think that it is the function of a spiritual teach- 

ing to provide answers to life’s biggest questions, but actually the 

opposite is true. he primary task of any good spiritual teaching 

is not to answer your questions, but to question your answers. 

For it is your conscious and unconscious assumptions and beliefs 

that distort your perception and cause you to see separation and

division where there is actually only unity and completeness. 

he Reality that these teachings are pointing toward is not 

hidden, or secret, or far away. You cannot earn it, deserve it, or 

igure it out. At this very moment, Reality and completeness 

are in plain sight. In fact, the only thing there is to see, hear,


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