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The Five Foundations

sexuality issues, as well as God issues onto their spiritual teach- 

er (and are sometimes encouraged to do so by unscrupulous 

spiritual teachers), it is essential to understand that a spiritual 

teacher’s role is to be a good and wise spiritual guide as well as 

an embodiment of the Truth that he or she points toward. While 

there may be deep respect, love, and even devotion to one’s spiri- 

tual teacher, it is important not to abdicate all of your authority 

over to your spiritual teacher or project all divinity exclusively 

onto them. Your life belongs in your hands, not someone else’s. 

Take responsibility for it.

here is a ine line between being truly open to the guidance 

of a spiritual teacher and regressing into a childish relationship 

where you abdicate your adulthood and project all wisdom and 

divinity onto the teacher. Each person needs to ind a mature 

balance, being truly and deeply open to their spiritual guide 

without abdicating all of their authority.

he same can be applied to a spiritual teaching. A spiritual 

teaching is a inger pointing toward Reality; it is not Reality itself. 

To be in a true and mature relationship with a spiritual teaching 

requires you to apply it, not simply believe in it. Belief leads to 

various forms of fundamentalism and shuts down the curiosity 

and inquiry that are essential to open the way for awakening 

and what lies beyond awakening. A good spiritual teaching is 

something that you work with and apply. In doing so, it works 

on you (often in a hidden way) and helps reveal to you the Truth 

(and falseness) that lies within you.

What is it to not abdicate your own authority and yet not 

claim a false or self-centered authority that will lead you into de- 

lusion? I am afraid that I cannot tell you. You see, no one can tell 

you how not to deceive yourself. If in the deepest place within 

you, you want and desire Truth above all else, even though you


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