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The Five Foundations

Clarify Your Aspiration

To clarify your aspiration means knowing exactly what it is that 

your spiritual life aspires to, not as a future goal but in each mo- 

ment. In other words, what do you value most in your life—not 

in the sense of moral values, but in the sense of what is most im- 

portant to you. Contemplate this question. Do not assume that 

you know what your highest aspiration is, or even what is most 

important to you. Dig deep within, contemplate, and meditate 

on what the spiritual quest is about for you; don’t let anyone else 

deine your aspiration for you. Look within until you ind, with 

complete clarity, what you aspire to.

he importance of this irst Foundation cannot be over- 

emphasized, because life unfolds along the lines of what you 

value most. Very few people have Truth or Reality as deep val- 

ues. hey may think that they value Truth, but their actions do 

not bear this out. Generally, most people have competing and 

conlicting values, which manifest as both internal and external 

conlict. So just because you think something is your deepest 

value does not mean that it actually is. By deeply contemplating 

and clarifying what you value and aspire to, you become more 

uniied, clear, and certain of your direction.

As your realization and spiritual maturity deepen, you will 

ind that some aspects of your aspiration remain steadfast while 

others evolve to relect what is relevant to your current level of 

insight. By relecting on and clarifying the issues relevant to your 

current level of understanding, you stay focused on the cutting 

edge of your own unfolding.

Unconditional Follow-Through

Making clear what you aspire to is the irst step. It has the efect 

of gathering energy and attention together into a uniied force


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