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not toward the ethical and moral dimension of relative life. his 

does not mean that such teachings are immoral, it means that 

they are trans-moral; that is, rooted in a Reality beyond the 

relative moral and ethical standards of the dualistic perspective.

his does not mean that all morality is rendered irrelevant in 

the absolute view; this is a common misunderstanding. It means 

that morality is no longer rooted in the cultural and religious 

values designed to rein in and control egoic impulses. Instead, 

selless love and compassion naturally low out of the uniied 

view of Reality as spontaneous expressions of that unity. When 

nothing is seen to be separate or other than you, the actions that 

low through you relect that uniied perspective.

It can get complicated because it is possible to have some ex- 

perience of the ultimate nature of Reality while at the same time 

not being completely free of egoic delusion. his makes for the 

possible volatile mixture of Reality and illusion simultaneously 

existing and expressing itself in an unconscious and distorted 

way. While some of this is to be expected as we are maturing in 

spirit, there are few things more distorted or dangerous than an 

ego that thinks it is God.

Many years of working with thousands of people have shown 

me that if these foundational aspects of the spiritual life are ig- 

nored, it will almost always derail one’s spiritual unfolding to 

some degree. A failure to explore and come to clarity about any 

one of these, as well as to consistently apply them, will result 

in ongoing inner and outer conlict and division at some level.

he Five Foundations are a means of gathering all of your 

inner resources—body, mind, and spirit—and focusing them 

in a uniied way toward your highest aspiration. I cannot over- 

emphasize the importance of having a clear uniied focus, sin- 

cere heart, and an unwavering desire not to knowingly delude 

yourself or others.


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