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transforming efect other than to dull the dissatisfaction inher- 

ent in the dream state. If you like that sort of thing, this isn’t the 

book for you.

I have left clues to realizing Reality throughout this entire 

book, from the irst page to the last. Do not assume that the 

most important elements of this teaching are easy to spot or 

clearly emphasized. hey are woven into this book as threads are 

woven into fabric, easy to miss if you do not have the eyes to see 

or the sincerity to understand. his is not because I want to be 

obscure—I do everything I can to not be obscure—but because 

Truth is not something that can be truly and deeply understood 

by having it spoon-fed to you. Such truth is like fast food, easy 

to access but hardly satisfying in the long run.

In our modern society we expect to have everything given to 

us in easy-to-consume bite-size portions, preferably very quickly 

so that we can get on with our hurried lives. But Truth will not 

conform itself to our frantic avoidance of Reality or our desire 

to have the whole of something for the very least investment of 

time and energy.

You will get out of he Way of Liberation teachings exactly 

what you put into them. hese teachings need to be studied, 

contemplated, and put into practice, not simply read as enter- 

tainment. As a wise person once said, “he proof of a desire is 

found in the habit of response.”

It should also be understood that he Way of Liberation is 

neither a form of psychotherapy nor a cure-all for all the chal- 

lenges that human beings face in their daily lives. While such 

therapeutic applications may be necessary and useful for some 

people, they are not the focus of this teaching.

Awakening is neither a magic cure for all that ails you, nor an 

escape from the diiculties of life. Such magical thinking runs


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