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filled with pure happiness. No despair; no devastation; just a deeper 
happiness than I have experienced with her ever before, save in the brief 

moments when everything harmonized in fulfillment.

"And furthermore it has lasted, and is with me always."

Now, more than a year later, I can in all honesty re peat: "It has 
lasted, and is with me always." The experience of that night was charged 

neither with the exultation of emotional belief nor the quiet sureness of 
intellectual knowledge. There was just a quick dissolving of my conflict; 
for BETTY had not gone--SHE was still with me. There was left me no doubt 

as to her Presence with me on the hillside.

That presence has continued, not all the time, but normally so. I go into 

a room; she may or may not be there. I stroll about her garden; she may 
or may not walk with me. But many times throughout each twenty-four hour 
day she is there, her vivid personality enveloping me, and not only me 

but even strangers visiting in the house.

It was Betty who, when here, created easy, friendly hospitality in our 
home--not I. She it is who still creates it; for Betty is still living. 
This I know. Not as I live, but with me in "the one and only universe." 

She has given me a thousand proofs of it. And through another 
psychic--Joan of the Chinese boxes, about whom much more in the following 
pages--a whole new concept of possibly scientific thought including a 

unique, and I think illuminating, terminology.

Betty calls it a "divulgence." The few physicists or metaphysicians to 

whom I have submitted various portions are all agreed, with normally 
professional reservations, that it is "important." One, less normally 
professional than the rest, let himself go.

"I don't care how or where you get it," he said. "This is definitely a 
step forward--a system of anticipatory thought. At the very least it will 

give us laboratory fellows new premises to work from and new hypotheses 
to work toward."

Perhaps. Betty called it only a divulgence.

Divulgence of what? of The Unobstructed Universe where Betty went after 

her body died and concerning which, its ways and means, methods, laws, 
habits, work, triumphs, failures--indeed, its very PLACE--she, through 
Joan, has since reported back to me.




FOR nearly six months, then, after her death, Betty and I continued 
living in "the one and only Universe" with, however, a barrier of verbal 

communication between us; she on her side and I on mine.

I hope I have made it clear that she had most decidedly "come back" in 

the most satisfying form possible, for me at least. Nor was my experience 
unique to myself. From all over the country I received letters, many of 
them puzzled, some of them even from people who had met Betty but 

casually and many years ago, trying to tell me about their feeling of her


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