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The Tao Of I-Ching

Following is some of the information you will find in this book:
Chuan?" The question is like asking whether warm is better than cool. 

You may find that studying meditation or Tai Chi Chuan gives you a

* A description of how the Tai Chi diagram creates the meaning of simpler and more direct understanding of the I Ching. Alternatively, 

Yin and Yang, and the basic principles of their alternation. The you may find that your study of the I Ching is directly helping your 

material will show how a student can'evolve the meanings of the progress in meditation and Tai Chi Chuan.

trigrams directly from this central concept. Further material shows Since the I Ching was first translated into German and other 

how the hexagrams develop directly Ying to Yang.
languages, it has awakened great interest and fascinated countless people. 

* The method of divination using yarrow stalks or coins is presented Yet, I believe this interest is only a fraction of the attention it deserves 

along with other more dynamic methods by which you can divinate 
when it is used in the way it was created to be used. I wish everyone 

directly from life and events around you.
the best of fortunes in their studies. Remember, this is not a book 

* The use of a three part divination is explained, and how the principles on Chinese culture or philosophy. This is a book about things no more 

of the five elements can be used for interpretation. There are some exclusively Chinese than a lake, a person or the sky.

specific examples here to help you start.
There are a number of people who have been helpful in the writing

* A traditional picture for each hexagram that summarizes its qualities Without their advice, assistance and encouragement. of this book.

visually instead of with words is given. Writing this book would have been much more difficult.
This will help you learn 

to use non-verbal creative concepts in understanding advanced I would especially like to thank of the following: Louis Kovi, Mindy 

concepts. The pictures are old-fashioned. What can you do about
Sheps, Marsha Rosa, Paul, Albe, Susanna Thompson, Victor Franco. And, 

this, can you tell me?
extend a very special gratitude to Dr. Shoshana Adler for her help in 
The material with the hexagrams shows how translation of the
proofreading the first half of the text at the workshop in Eureka Springs, 

traditional meanings can be taken the next step into relevant personal

translations. Included here are also many details on the lore of 

divination as applied to the specific hexagrams and their line, or Yao.

Jou, Tsung Hwa 

There is much more. And there is no reason why you should not December, 10th, 1983

get a loose-leaf notebook, number it, and begin jotting down your own 

notes on each hexagram immediately. Get to work!

In a more serious tone, we must each evolve our own feeling for 

what these activities mean. When we divinate we are going further 

than our five senses, and we are appealing to the spiritual world that 

surrounds and pervades everything for our guidance. This will differ 

for each of us. I belive the principle for each of us is that the I Ching 

arid its divinations is a blueprint from the "fourth dimension" to guide 

us in leading our lives in this third dimensional world. The concept 

of our evolving relationship with the fourth dimensional world is more 

fully described in my book, "The Tao of Meditation." Meditation is 

still another way of approaching this fourth dimensional world and

developing our place in it.

Some may ask,
Which is best, Meditation, the I Ching or Tai Chi

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