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8 The Tao Of 1-Ching

By understanding time and the cycle of life, they could explain all 
Why does divination work and for what purpose? 
events. Because they did not assume that everything was caused by God, 
What relation does the I Ching have to my life? 

they sought to find the explanation of change in the person, thing, or 
How can I learn to divinate better? "
event itself.

Second, the I Ching deals with that which is intangible. Therefore, 
Finally, the student puts all of his or her questions together and 
the mental and spiritual preoccupation of the individual using the I 
summarizes as follows:

Ching will necessarily influence the meaning to be derived. In studying 
"The I Ching claims to be derived from nature in the simplest way, 
the I Ching's methods of interpreting life, one must keep this in mind. 
yet I do not find it simple. If the principles are simple, why can I not 
For example, suppose two people look at the full moon and appreciate 
use the same principles to understand my life better? " Anyone who has 

encountered these roadblocks and asked these questions will find the the atmosphere and energy it creates. Although one person may feel awed 

by a sense of the beauty and peace and feel a boundless gratitude and 
answers in this book. I would like to give some hints here on the 
happiness towards life; another person may appreciate the power of the 
approach to understanding the I Ching that will be most effective.
moon, but be moved to misery and tears. Why? He may be saddened 
First in order to understand the I Ching, we must be free of a 

by the memory of a friend that died and how they had once enjoyed
scientific or regimented type of thinking. Taoist philosophy, in general, 
full moon evenings together. Everything has this quality. A man may 
and the I Ching, particularly, are very different from modern science. The 
lose all of his possessions and laugh carelessly, only because he has just 
philosophy of the I Ching goes beyond the scope of "science." The goal 
come from the doctor and learned that he does not have a fatal disease 
of the traditional scientist is to achieve standards of knowledge and then 

after all. Another man may cry at good luck because the bad luck that 
expand upon those standards. To standardize, the scientist uses a 
Because of this fundamental fact, preceded has devastated him.
"scientific method." That which cannot be measured, demonstrated in 
whenever there is an event, one must relate it to the existing situation
rigidly controlled experiments, or proven by meticulous observation 

cannot be used by the scientist to expand his knowledge. A scientific in a thorough way to truly understand its meaning.

The same principle is true for the divination of Yin and Yang lines.
study is a careful exploration of what is popularly called the "five 
Consider the following simple divination: a broken line is drawn (yin), 
senses." Through ingenuity, a scientist may find it possible to measure 
meaning presently unfavorable, and a solid line is drawn (yang) meaning 
the "invisible," however, even this must be done with tools that are 

very active right now, a time to move. One person may draw yang and 
perceived by the five senses.
interpret it to mean "it is time to ask the boss for a raise." Another 
Taoism, like science, approaches life with this type of curiosity
person may draw yang and decide that it is finally the right time for him 
and desire for knowledge, but it goes beyond the limits of scientific 
to climb that mountain in China he had alway wanted to try. Another 
standardization. Taoism recognizes that there is no single standard, of a 

person may draw yang and uses it for guidance in a major business 
scientific sort, for some of the most important and humanly meaningful 
decision. Thus, the same simple line has given self-guidance to three 
things in life. The I Ching describes spheres that are a great deal more 
people in totally different situations. The philosophy of the I Ching is 
intangible than the five senses; they are most often referred to as the 

"mental" or "spiritual".
that this multiplicity and variety is a natural part of life, and that if we 

want to learn to live more effectively, we need only study the I Ching 
The I Ching reveals the great wisdom and understanding of the 
and work with it.
ancient Chinese philosophers. They looked at the world around them 

and sought to understand why and how change occurs. They did not
The third point, and perhaps most important thing, I can make 

Instead, about the I Ching is that you will understand nothing unless you spend 
look beyond reality or ascribe all events to the "hand of God. 
time researching the meaning of the I Ching for yourself. In addition, 
they found enlightenment through the very practical process of examin-
you will gain nothing if you do not like to exercise your judgment and
ing the concepts of space and time.

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