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The Tao Of I-Ching
Chapter One Raising The Veil Of Mystery

In the derivation of the three daughters, we imagine Kun inter- 

mingling with Chien and giving one of its lines as shown in figure

Upper Yao

r- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
r----------M E 
Kun (mother)

Middle Yao
Three Powers



Lower Yao
Tui Li Sun
L_ .-
I= l 1
1L-1 t

Figure 1-4i
Youngest Middle 
Daughter Daughter

We see in the diagram of the trigram that the first and bottom line 

is the Yao of earth, the middle line is the Yao of humanity, and the top
Figure 1-4k

line the Yao of heaven.
To eventually understand the hexagrams, we must first assign
When we look at a hexagram, we take the first

two bottom lines as the Yaos of earth, the next two as the Yaos of meanings to each of the eight trigrams. The evolution of these meanings 

humanity, and the top two as those of heaven.
can be understood if we consider the Hu Tien arrangement that was 

The addition of the third quality locates humanity within the used to evolve the Chinese calendar. Each season of the year has a 

trigram. If we look about during each season at the different things 
universe in a meaningful way. Because humanity's relation to the Tao 

is of the most vital interest, one of the important uses of the eight happening and the influence on our lives and moods, then we can give 

trigrams is to describe social relations.
The simplest society is that of
a meaning to each one.

the family of father, mother, and child. 
The father is identified with Thus, if Chien stands for the late fall and early winter, we can 
Chien ( 
), the mother with Kun ( ), and the remaining six trigrams imagine a tree that has grown all summer and has now dropped its 

are the three sons and three daughters.
leaves and withdrawn its sap into its roots. If we look at this and other 

To derive the three sons, we imagine the Chien intermingling with late fall phenomenon we can evolve an image of strength and resourceful- 

the Kun, and giving it one of its solid lines as shown in figure 1-4j.
ness. We can call this Chien.

If we go back a step to early fall, we may think of the farm family 

r Chien working to bring in the rich harvest of crops during the warm Indian
t- - - - - - -
From this we can sense a mood of energetic joyfulness, and

call it Tui.
~— — Kun If we go a step forward from Chien, we can imagine the dead of
Chen (mother)
winter, a time of hidden dangers for the unwary person — like the 
-+d I

C• —
motorist whose car runs out of gas in a storm and who almost freezes 

N I --
I I,-
to death. We can call this phase Kan.

Youngest .Middle Oldest In the following table, some of the traditional attributes of the 
son son son
eight trigrams that have been developed are given, along with the inner 

relations — parts of the body, season, time and so on. The different
Figure 1-4j

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