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20 Chapter One Raising The Veil Of Mystery 21
The Tao Of I-Ching

up loose leaves and twigs from the ground and throws them high in the by considering electricity. Light and power come from energy flowing 

air in circular patterns. Finally all the wind energy from the surrounding across positive and negative poles. If there is only one pole, we find

area becomes funnelled into this circular motion, and tremendous 
We can see another principle by observing how the positive and
forces begin to build up. Now people cry "tornado" and hide in the 

cellar. The tornado moves slowly along with the sound of a dozen negative charges are named. If we have only one particle of charge, 

express trains and tears loose everything it touches. Houses, trees, and it cannot be given a name. We can only name it by comparing it to 

another particle to see if they attract or repel. If they repel, they are 
rocks are drawn up into its vortex and cast away. At some point, 

however, the tornado starts to lose its force and slow down. Soon it has identical charges, but if they attract, one is positive and one is negative. 

only moderate force. Finally, it cannot be detected at all. It is gone,
Which is which? It does not matter. We simply give our test particle a 

name and the other particle the opposite name. This corresponds with 
and Tai Chi has returned to Wu Chi.
"One Yin and one Yang make the Tao." 
All we observe in life, including ourselves, follows this pattern.
the I Ching commentary: 

Before we exist in this world, we are Wu Chi. When we are born, we (-f-{' ).

begin the stage of Tai Chi. At first we are small and weak. Slowly we What we have discussed so far can be illustrated in the following way 

as shown in figure 12a.
grow strong and live our mature years. Finally we die, and the matter 

that formed our bodies is dispersed like the breezes that formed the Yang

tornado. We have returned to Wu Chi.

When Wu Chi changes to Tai Chi and a thing exists and can be 

observed, a duality begins. At any time that a thing exists, part of it .

is changing and part remains unchanged. Like the apple, part of it is 

still good and can be eaten and part is spoiled. Or the tornado, part of 
Tai Chi
Wu Chi
The Beginning 
the atmosphere is drawn into it and part is unaffected.
Stage of

We call the unchanging part Yin and the changing part Yang. Tai Chi
Chinese philosophers use a circle (0) to represent Yang and a solid 

black circle (• ) to represent Yin. Another notation is a broken line
Figure 1-2a

- - for Yin and a solid line — for Yang. It does not matter which 
In this diagram we see Wu Chi giving birth to a Tai Chi state. If 

symbol stands for Yin and which for Yang, and we can also reverse the there is no movement in the beginning stage of Tai Chi, then its Yin and

process. The important thing is to understand the major characteristic Yang are combined, as in a storage battery for electricity. But if there is 

of the duality: where there is Yin, there is also Yang, and vice-versa.
movement, then Yin and Yang separate and become distinct, just as 

the battery uses opposite ends of the pole to produce heat, energy, and 
For example, there are men and women. We can say a man's 

character is vigorous and intense like fire; and that a woman's is tender light.

and gentle like water. Since we link man and fire together, we say they In this separation of the Tai Chi, the two symbols of Liung Yi are 

created. These basic first steps later evolve into the I Ching trigrams and 
are both Yang qualities, and likewise that women and water are Yin.
This points out another quality of Yin and Yang: we can apply This philosophy of Yin and Yang within the I Ching has 

them to any object or process we observe in our world. They are not to three basic aspects:

describe some particular object, but are for all dualities, and refer to all 1. Hsiang (it) or symbol. This is based on the symbols • and 

the Tai Chi diagram ® , and the symbols - - and , arranged in
of them. Thus Lao Tzu said: "A single Yin cannot be born, and a single
0 , 
various combinations: four symbols, eight trigrams, or sixty-four
Yang cannot be grown. (fJJ1{ , lJ. f'TA).

We can see how there must always be Yin where there is Yang

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