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14 The Tao Of I-Ching
Chapter One Raising The Veil Of Mystery


Chapter One: 


1-1 Returning to the Roots

( P_`), 
The I Ching l or Book of Changes, is the most ancient book 

in China and perhaps in the world. It represents both the source of 

Chinese culture, and a key to the understanding of Chinese history, 

even in its most turbulent stages.

This is notable during the reign of' Chin Shih-Huang( aG see 
figure 1-la), the first emperor of the Chin Dynasty(
221-207 B.C.),

who succeeded in unifying six other kingdoms of the country. Chin 

adopted a series of strict measures to unify the country. The most 

lasting of these was the adoption of a single language. He also evolved 

a tyrannical system of suppression that he thought would establish 

his dynasty forever. His strategy was the destruction of all learning 

in order to keep people in an ignorant and submissive state. Thus 

in 215 B.C. he ordered all the scholars buried alive to humiliate them, 

and searched out and destroyed all of' the country ' s works of literature 

and philosophy, including the most revered classics.

However, Chin saved one book, the I Ching. He and his officials 

needed it for political guidance and divination.

Thus the I Ching has been transmitted to us from the past without

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