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11. From there he went to the North towards the ends of the Earth, where 

the metallic lights and chariots of fire came down from the sky or shot 

upwards with a singing sound, enveloped in smoke and fire.

12. There, at the ends of the entire Earth, he saw a great and marvellous 


13. In that place he saw the celestial portals open, of which there were 

three different ones.

14. The celestial portals radiated in the most brilliant Zohar an area as 

large as the lifeless sea on the river Jordan 8.

15. Actually gleaming therein was the entire land of Israel, alive and true, 

humans and animals and everything that was there.

16. In this first celestial portal, no secret was concealed, because the 

Zohar entered into the smallest spaces in the cottages and revealed the 

last intimate detail.

17. Inside the second celestial portal, there rose mighty mountains, whose 

peaks reached into the sky and disappeared into the clouds.

18. Far below lay deep masses of snow, at whose edges a different, brown 

skinned human population built their huts.

19. The third celestial portal revealed a land of gigantic dimensions, 

mountainous and interspersed with rivers, lakes and seas, where yet 

another human population dwelled.

20. Not far from these three celestial portals had been built the palace of 

god, the ruler of these terrestrial humans and of those who had travelled 

from afar, the celestial sons, the guardian angels.

21. In his palace, god ruled over the three human lineages created by him 

and over his following, the celestial sons.

22. He was immortal, ancient and of giant size like the celestial sons.

23. In the palace of god, there appeared to Jmmanuel two very tall men,

the likes of whom he had never seen on Earth.

8 Zohar: Radiant splendour of Creational energy [Talmud Of Jmmanuel].

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