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32. "This is my beloved son with whom I am well pleased. He will be the 

king of truth, through which terrestrial humans shall rise as wise ones.

33. Behold, after these words Jmmanuel entered into the metallic light, 

which climbed into the sky, surrounded by fire and smoke, and passed 

over the lifeless sea, as the singing of the metallic light soon faded away.

34. After that, Jmmanuel was no longer seen for forty days and nights. 

Chapter 4 - Jmmanuel's Arcanum

1. From this day on, Jmmanuel no longer lived among the sons and 

daughters of these Earth humans.

2. Jmmanuel was lifted up from the Earth, and no one knew where he had 

been taken or what had happened to him.

3. But then he was set down by the metallic light between North and 

West, in a place where the guardian angels had received guidelines by 
which they were to evaluate the site for the chosen ones.

4. Thus, he lived for forty days and nights between the winds of the North 

and the West, where he received the arcanum of knowledge.

5. During this instruction period he spent his days with the wise saints of 

god and the guardian angels, the celestial sons.

6. They taught him the wisdom of knowledge.

7. They taught him about the dominion of god over terrestrial humans and
over his celestial sons.

8. They also explained to him the omnipotence of the Creation of the 


9. They also taught him about the immortality of the spirit through 


10. There he saw the initial forefathers, the saints of ancient times, who 

were the celestial sons and the fathers of the terrestrial humans.

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