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7. All Judea and all the people of Jerusalem went forth to John the 

Baptist, acknowledging the wisdom of the old laws of god, and let 

themselves be baptized by him in the river Jordan.

8. John wore a garment made from camel's hair and a leather belt around 

his loins. His food consisted of locusts and wild honey.

9. While he was baptizing many of the people, many Pharisees and 

Sadducees came to him who humiliated him with malicious talk.

10. But John the Baptist spoke, "You brood of vipers, who told you that 

you will escape from future wrath, once your false teachings are 


11. "See to it that you bear righteous fruit of repentance and learn the 


12. "Turn away from the evil of your false teachings, which you carry out 

with arrogance and pursuant with your greed for power and fortune.

13. "Do not think just of saying to each other, 'We have Abraham as 


14. "I say to you, with his knowledge and his power, god is able to raise 

up children to Abraham out of these stones, because he has knowledge of 

the mystery of Creation.

15. "Already the axe has been laid at the root of the trees. Therefore, any 

tree that does not bring forth good fruit will be hewn down and thrown 

into the fire.

16. "You brood of vipers, in two times a thousand years you and your 

followers, who pursue false teachings out of your own arrogance in your 

greed for power and fortune, shall be vanquished and, on account of your 

lies, punished.

17. "So it shall be when humankind begins to comprehend, and when the 

chaff is separated from the grain.

18. "It will be at the time when your false teachings will be laughed at 

and humankind discovers the truth.

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