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103. Since they could find no shelter, they spent the night in a stable.

104. And Mary bore her first son on the straw, wrapped him in cloth, and 

laid him in a manger near the animals, because there was no other room 

for her in the inn.

Chapter 2 - The Wise Men From The Orient

1. When Jmmanuel was born in the stable at Bethlehem, in the shelter in 

the land of the Jews during the time of Herod Antipas, Tetrarch of Galilee 

and Peraea, behold, wise men arrived in Jerusalem from the Orient and 


2. "Where is the newborn king of wisdom of the Jews?

3. "We have seen a bright light in the sky and heard a voice saying,

4. "Follow the tail of the light, because the king of wisdom of the Jews is 

born, who will bring great knowledge.

5. "Therefore we have come to worship the newborn king of wisdom.

6. "He shall possess the knowledge of god and be a son of the celestial

son Gabriel.

7. "His knowledge will be boundless, as will be his power to control 

human consciousness, so that humans may learn and serve Creation."

8. When Herod Antipas heard of this, he was frightened, and with him 

everyone in Jerusalem, because they feared that the newborn child would 
wield dreadful power.

9. Herod Antipas called together all the chief priests and scribes from 

among the people and inquired of them where Jmmanuel had been born.

10. And they replied: "In Bethlehem, in the Jewish land; for thus it was 

written by the prophet Micah:

11. "'And you, Bethlehem, in the land of the Jews, are by no means the 

least among the cities in Judea, for from you shall come forth the king of 

wisdom, who will bring great knowledge to the people of Israel so that 
they may learn and serve Creation."'

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