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sharply affected. But it may be a comfort to many, as more than one geologist has noted, that the 

many cataclysmic events predicted by Cayce are out of harmony with the standard geological concept 

of uniformitarianism or gradual change.

On the other hand, at least one leading geologist, erstwhile head of a college geology department, has 

checked out the Cayce readings, and sees as eminently possible the drastic earth changes merging out 

of Cayce's stated cause—the tilting of the earth's rotational axis, beginning far below the crust of the 

earth in 1936.

Cayce had a flair for prophecy and some even interpret a reading in 1939, shortly after the outbreak of 

World War II in Europe, as foreshadowing the current war in Vietnam. "Before that we find the entity 

[the complex of body, soul and spirit] was in the land now known as or called Indochina. ... There we 

find the entity was one in authority, one in power, in that city that must be unfolded to the minds, if 

there is not the greater war over same." It was a disjointed excerpt from a past life reading, a Cayce 

specialty, and could be applied, if the French-Indochina war, which took the French out of Vietnam, 

was the lesser war. But one usually didn't have to look this hard for signs of Cayce predictions come 

true. He had foreseen, correctly, virtually every major world crisis, from before World War I, through 

the uneasy years of the League of Nations, and beyond through World War II, whose end he had 

predicted for 1945, the year of his own death.

In the intervals, casually, while reading psychically for individuals, he picked off earthquakes, storms, 

volcanic eruptions. He not only saw far a field, but close at home, where his predictions making 

Norfolk-Newport News a preeminent port, greater even than New York, have rather remarkably 

materialized, along with his pinpointing of a local realty boom to the very year, nearly fifteen years 

after his own death.

Through the clear channel of his subconscious he peered down the corridors of time into the troubled 

international scene, describing the future of Russia, China, Japan, England, the United States. He 

foresaw England losing India, when nobody else did; he saw a free India unloved, because it was 

unloving, and he tied in the end of Communism with another and more astonishing prediction of a 

free God fearing Russia. What he saw for China, eventual democratization, is certainly not being 

predicted, logically, anywhere else, and for an America, unconquerable, except through internal strife, 

he saw eventual world leadership, shared with another power, as the center of civilization gradually 

gravitated westward.

To me, Cayce was no new phenomenon. I had "discovered" him originally, five years before, in 

preparing my book, The Door to the Future. I had become familiar with many of his prophecies, his 

remarkable way of apparently traveling in time and space to treat the ill; his concept of reincarnation, 

with its concept of many lives for the same soul spirit. Cayce seemed gifted with a Universal Mind, 

which seemingly drew on a subconscious register of everything that had ever happened or was going 

to happen.

It seemed an incredible quality, but as one studied Cayce, as he would any other individual, work or 

phenomenon, checking as he could with the evidence on hand, it became apparent that Cayce 

somehow, some way, was able to look inside of everything that fell into the realm of his unconscious

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