Page 16 - Edgar Cayce - The Sleeping Prophet
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the surface. Other oceanographers have turned up a river in the Pacific, flowing some thirty-five 

hundred miles along the Equator. Perhaps, as Cayce's unconscious insisted, great continents did crowd 

the North Atlantic and South Pacific at one time, eventually swallowed up by cataclysms, as other 

land masses may be one day if Cayce's a proper prophet.

Nevertheless, despite all this foreshadowing of death and destruction, Cayce's message was 

fundamentally one of hope and faith: "Know and realize that the earth is the Lord's, with all its 

turmoil's and strife's, with all its hates and jealousies, with all its political and economic disturbances. 

And His ways are not past finding out By living them in the little things, day by day, may that surety 

in self, that sureness in Him be thine. For His promises have been and are sure. 'Let not your heart be 

troubled; ye believe in God.' Believe also in tide Christ, who gave, 'If ye love me, ye will keep my 

commandments, and I and the Father will come and abide with thee day by day.'"

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