Page 9 - The Sirian Seal
P. 9

Mystics of many millennia have defined and described the human 

body in terms of its bioelectrical emanations, seeking to understand 

and reveal the very nature of our existence in our current form. We 

have rekindled the wisdom of the ancients, bringing forward new 

insights into the workings of the auric field and our electromagnetic 

circuitry, which describe the specific grids that compose our complex 

energy networks. Indeed, as we race forward into the ultimate age of 

technology, even science is reaching towards Spirit to give definition 

and measure to what spiritualists have forever known about the 

nature of life on Planet Earth and what we have gleaned about the 


Yet, we are only just beginning to scratch the surface when we 

attempt to understand the ‘cosmometry’ of the Greater Universe and 

how our very existence is affected by number and form – how 

vibrational patterns define the substance of the very dimension in 

which, it appears, we currently reside.

As we stretch ourselves to perceive life beyond the illusory 

limitations of our physical realities, where we experience our own 

bodies as somehow separate from the air we breathe, we are faced 

with a growing need to understand our subtle constitution. Our 

awareness is increasing: we are comfortable with the idea of how our 

auric fields reflect our spiritual/mental/physical bodies, however all 

too often our perception of our own precious energy systems 

remains rather limited to the dogma of science, tried and ‘tested’ 

spiritual teachings and the subjective impressions of those we 

embrace as ‘healers’.

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