Page 8 - The Sirian Seal
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Consciousness &

The Electromagnetic Universe

A basic awareness of the energy byways of the human body and the 

bodies of all living things provides us with insights into the true make- 

up of physical beings and the workings of the universe of which we 

take part as ‘consciousness units’ of the all-pervading force of 

Creation – the All That Is.

Confining ourselves to the realm of our immediate, physical universe, 

we recognize how all outer and inner space is but a constant stream 

of electromagnetic energies, ebbing and flowing in a cosmic dance – 

the physical expression of the yin/yang dynamic that underlies the 

substance of our physical reality. Extending our vision to what lies 

beyond our material realm, we experience the Oneness of existence, 

a knowing that every thought that has ever been thought continues 

to ripple infinitely across the waves of cosmic mind.

All, we are learning, is the extension of consciousness. Every 

subatomic particle, every molecule, every cell . all the building 

blocks of life are created of thought as it crystallizes and slows to a 

vibrational frequency where matter takes form. All matter exists as 

varying degrees of vibration – regardless of its density. Matter is 

energy. Nothing more, nothing less.

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