Page 7 - The Sirian Seal
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techno-highways, where energies of every intensity resound . this is 

for you.

You walk in a world of shifting sands and falling icons, trying to keep 

an even pace. It is a time in which you are experiencing the opening of 

galactic portals and a closing of Earth temples – the merging of ages. 

Innocent and oh-so-curious, you are buzzing with new frequencies, 

spinning into the unknown . reaching out to the stars, just as you 

call the stars back into you.

With all that you are confronting and placing into your fields of 

probable realities, it is high time you understood the importance of 

creating sacred space, shielding your energy fields and expelling all 

but the highest energies. It is time you truly understand what you are 

creating when you reach out to the astral, calling into you beings 

from other dimensions.

Let that time begin, if it has not already, with this very moment. We, 

humble servants of the light, bequeath to you a transitional key to 

the opening of your sacred doorways: this sacred seal. Step across 

the threshold, knowing we will be there.

We Are the Speakers of the Sirian High Council. 


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