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The Sirian Seal®

This little book is for the Lightworkers of this Age of Transition: you 

who practice hands-on healing, bringing light . easing pain. It is 

dedicated to you who meditate, who pray, who perform ceremony, 

calling upon otherwordly spirits, traveling the astral layers . 

connecting with beings who exist on many levels and across the 

cosmic sea.

They do come when you call . just as they follow or guide you when 

you set off on your astral journeys. Beings of every dimension 

gather about when you perform your metaphysical works – you 

should be aware of such presence. Energies and thought forms of 

unimaginable darkness and untold brilliance hover, ready to slip 

through and participate in the merging realities that fuse as 

simultaneous experience when you open the windows and doorways 

of multidimensional consciousness.

Some of these you are attuned to. Others you are not. Some are of 

the noblest intention, lighting the way for you and those in your 

embrace. Others flicker in shadow, grotesque dancers in the dark 

halls of your experience . moths in the firelight.

You who enter into the crystal realms, interact with nature divas, 

divine and read the ethos; you who travel the waves of ‘cyberspace’ 

– connecting with strangers, sharing information and traveling the

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