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– and I am deeply honored. As Scribe to the Sirian High Council, my 

heart is forever filled with wonder; my soul is bathed in light and I 

thank you for giving such validity to my mission.

Now, as we move unfathomably close to the vortex center of our 

celestial transition, more of you are eager to open the portals of 

direct contact with Light Emissaries of other realms and journey to 

other realities in preparation of what lies ahead.

We must remember that the Spirit with which we long to connect is 

every bit a part of the all-encompassing force that surrounds, 

penetrates and creates every living thing . as are we. That which 

drives life forward—from seed to tree; from the obscure to the 

crystalline; from ignorance to knowledge; from the darkness into the 

light—lies within every cell of our body, coded into our DNA.

Attunement with Light Beings of higher realms, in essence, is 

essentially achieved by re-connecting the pieces of our scrambled 

genetic puzzle, re-wiring our so-called ‘junk’ DNA and this we are 

learning to do in 21st century Earth consciousness. It has taken us 

some time, but we are remembering our starseed beginnings and it is 

all coming back to us – in every sense of the word. We are retrieving 

the bits and pieces, reassembling our stellar seed and this is 

attunement in its most spectacular form.

The Sirian Seal® embodies the cosmometry of the triple helix – or 

three-stranded DNA. Envisioning it as the blueprint for the process 

of reassembling the genetic make-up of your multidimensional being, 

you will accelerate the process, achieving attunement with those

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