Page 20 - The Sirian Seal
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accomplished, visualize this extended triangle surrounded by the web 

of light that encircles your outer aura and call upon the angel 

warriors to assist you in creating a barrier against any energies that 

are not of the highest order.

Affirm that nothing can enter unless you will it to. Let it be so in the 

forever of your days.


Once you have practiced creating sacred space with the vibratory 

signature of the Sirian SealĀ®, you will be ready to open the portals 

you so long to traverse, to reach the higher beings that guide your 

way. Many of us are attuning to extraterrestrial beings, Light Ones 

of many dimensions and alternative universes. We are starseed, 

remembering who we are and re-connecting with our Galactic Family.

One of the extraordinary aspects of being alive at this time lies in the 

fact that we no longer have to hide our fascination with all that is 

beyond our 3D perspective. The ridicule and dismissal of our beliefs 

are diminishing and many more eyes are focused upon the heavens, 

awaiting a sign, a message . contact. And yet, the signs are all 

around us and now, more than ever, the channels are opening . the 

voice of the intelligent universe is coming through.

It is a joy to hear from those of you who have achieved new openings 

and illuminations through the reading of The Sirian Revelations. 

You know who you are. You have given me the great gift of knowing 

that I have served you, in some capacity, along your spiritual journey

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