Page 19 - The Sirian Seal
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When you sleep, place the Seal beneath the bottom sheet covering 

the bed at the height of your heart and solar plexus. I recommend 

placing the Seal beneath the sheet, to hold it in position, since it 

does have three somewhat sharp points forming its triangular 


To initiate the activation experience, place the Seal in your left hand, 

the upper point lying on the palm between the thumb and the 

forefinger. Examine the sacred geometry contained within its form 

and use your knowledge and your intuition to record the significance 

of that wisdom, forever, within every cell of your body. Place the 

right palm over the seal, completing the circuit. Close your eyes and 

just feel, bringing the new into your mind . reliving the wisdom that 

you have known forever, and then bring your left hand to your heart, 

holding the Seal in between the heart chakra and the palm.

The equilateral triangular shape should have the point facing 

upward, towards your head.

At this moment, you are creating a signature frequency that will 

extend, holographically, to the outer layers of your auric field and 

then surround you in an electromagnetic light grid that folds out as a 

network of triangular forms and weaves a high frequency light shield 

around you. Imagine it first extending to an uppermost point that 

reaches high above the crown chakra, while the base extends past 

both of your feet so that you have re-created the equilateral form of 

the triangle holographically around your body and beyond . at 

least arms length from your head and feet. Once this has been

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