Page 18 - The Sirian Seal
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There are countless methods to create this field of light and all have 

their value and importance. What matters is the conscious intention 

to shield oneself from all but the highest energies and intentions and 

to create that protective barrier with discernment and the focused 

will. All too often, as we open portals in the astral, we forget that we 

are similarly opening energy tubes through our auric fields and into 

our very beings. There are many, many entities (shadow as well as 

Light Beings) who are more than eager to come in and explore who 

we are and what we are up to, calling up spirits as we do and moving 

about in the astral zones.

This protective shield occurs, quite naturally, as the auric force field 

that surrounds us and, in a state of harmony and balance, that is 

quite sufficient. Unfortunately, today’s harsh reality of 

electromagnetic pollution, poor air quality and elemental toxicity 

often depletes and damages the aura. Our own unprotected 

adventuring into astral and other conscious ‘layers’ can form these 

energy tubes and tunnels leading straight into our vital energy 

centers. Indeed, the once plentiful auric shield is under such stress 

and is often so weak that it simply cannot hold up as a significant 

barrier against the lower energies and hence illness, disharmony – 

sometimes even possession occur.

A powerful protective field is created when you activate the Sirian 

Seal® and it will similarly serve as a breastplate from which you will 

be able to bounce back to their source any unwelcome energies that 

manage to penetrate the aura. This will be most effective when you 

wear the seal positioned between the heart and the solar plexus, as 

frequently as you possibly can.

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