Page 17 - The Sirian Seal
P. 17

Confronted with the conflictual behaviors of others and the 

destructive manifestations of so many dark warriors, we must now be 

impeccable in our intention to amplify the body’s protective field, 

creating a powerful, light-sourced vibrational atmosphere in which 

positive, healthy thoughts and frequencies can reach resonance – 

shutting out the lower, negative force and radiating the higher, 

positive energy outward. In so doing, we create a vibrational 

signature, recognized by the Light Beings of many dimensions, and 

that is attunement in its most illustrious manifestation.

Consider what steps we take every morning for the physical creature, 

so that we may look and smell our very best for the world. We brush 

our teeth, shower, wash our hair, shave, moisturize and make-up for 

hours . and yet what measures do we take to insure proper psychic 


A most effective approach to psychic protection involves just a few 

minutes of your dedicated concentration and a desire to create a 

sacred womb within which you reside every moment of your life – 

from this time forward. Within a sacred space of absolute beauty and 

light, your entire being resonates to a higher harmonic vibration and 

the lower thoughts and ill-intended beings that travel the ethers 

simply cannot enter – so great is your frequency.

Their lower vibratory patterns simply cannot find resonance when 

you are in sacred space. The brilliance of your light grid disintegrates 

them at the gate – nullifying their dark intention.

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