Page 16 - The Sirian Seal
P. 16

Whatever your experience, focus upon the connection and you will 

glean what is appropriate to you at this time and place along your 

journey home.


With the exception of the anaesthetized and the new souls who have 

incarnated at our station in space, most of us are, to some degree, 

fearful for the future of humankind and all that is alive and living on 

our great planet. No matter how far we have journeyed on the path 

to enlightenment, we observe the destruction of our exquisite Earth 

and cannot help but ask ourselves why the dark force continually 

manages to exert such negative influence over human consciousness.

On the other hand, we do also observe and celebrate the incredible 

waves of love and light pouring through the universe, illuminating our 

way, linking us with the Family of Light and we are truly amazed at our 

new insights, our perceptions, our understanding and our trust that 

despite the illusion – light always prevails.

At this point of our passage, we are faced at every moment with the 

challenge to our free will as to where we will place our focus and how 

we will draw upon our inner strength and wisdom to celebrate, rather 

than fear, the truly intense changes that we are all going through.

To accomplish this task and to remain constantly vigilant of our 

thoughts and what we create, we are wise to develop a daily regime of 

psychic protection – hygiene of the spiritual being.

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