Page 13 - The Sirian Seal
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fibrillating in the wake of our earthly discord, holding against any 

energies that are of the lower vibrations. So does it serve as a 

conduit to the consciousness of higher beings, who are guiding us 

through the waves, and as a direct link to our Higher Selves.

Observe the Sirian Seal®. You will recognize elemental symbols of 

universal energies within it and you may feel the tachyon energies 

emanating from its sacred form. Tachyon energy describes the 

creative and sustaining force of all life – an omnipresent creative 

energy force that drives the Cosmos itself. It is exalted in the sacred 

form of the triangle, the spiral and the tetrahedron, all present in the 

Seal, which serves as a window for the tachyon energies to rush in, 

once you have activated it with your conscious intent and imprinted 

its vibrational codes within you.

Your Seal has been activated during direct communication sessions 

with the Council – it is imprinted with Sirian consciousness and is set 

to the rhythm of the Sirian vibration.

The Seal is forged in pure copper, the best mineral conductor of 

electromagnetic energy. Copper is energized by the Sun and will help 

you acclimatize to the new energies the Sun is radiating down upon 

you in these dynamic days of solar acceleration.

Much is available regarding the healing properties of copper and 

how this metal bears significantly upon the flow of the Chi. It serves 

as a protective shield, enhances healing, activates the base and 

sacral chakras and above all serves as a superb electromagnetic 


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