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This occurs both at the subtle, etheric level and at the gross physical 

level, where the unresolved discord lodges and becomes ‘disease’.

It is time that we, conscious beings and guardians of our planet and 

the collective human soul, give due respect to the matter of 

protection of our multi-layered etheric beings. This, to move through 

the process of our evolution unscathed, of sovereign body and mind, 

is of absolute necessity, if we are to enjoy peace of mind and good 

health while traveling the ascension spiral of our Great Transition.

Activating the Sirian Seal®

The Sirian Seal® was presented to me in a dream state as a three- 

dimensional holographic spinning tetrahedron (the three-sided 

pyramid), which later became the template of the DNA activation 

process taught in my workshops, which culminate in the integration 

of the third strand of DNA. I was told to produce it in its two- 

dimensional diagrammatic form, in copper, and make it available for 

those who will resonate with its vibration . and that has been done. 

The Sirian Seal® has been brought to materialization, from the high 

spectrum frequencies of Sirian consciousness to the density of 

Earth’s mineral substance. It is now yours to utilize and make sacred 

at the altar of your soul.

The Speakers of the Sirian High Council describe the Seal as a 

universal metronome of cosmometry and form. Its design sets the 

frequency of a vibratory astral shield when our energies are

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