Page 11 - The Sirian Seal
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This has everything to do with how, in the presence of certain 

people, we can feel literally bathed in their light, for we are actually 

within their auric field, living the higher frequencies of their 

illuminated soul presence on Earth.

The energy byways of the etheric are comprised of ‘nadis’, or 

primary energy highways, chakric energy wheels (where the main 

energy streams intersect) and secondary meridians – all serving as 

perfect energy channels for our bioelectrical, exquisite beings. This 

divine circuitry connects with the above and below of all that exists – 

linking us to the electric, higher energies and grounding us to the 

magnetic vibrations of Earth density. These properties are 

displayed, in a sense, as the electromagnetic emanations that we 

know as this ‘auric field’ that surrounds and nurtures us.

Unfortunately, certain vibratory patterns that exist in the matrix of 

modern life, exacerbated by the proliferation of microwave, EFL and 

other disturbing electromagnetic weapons and debris, are disrupting 

(as never before) the natural circuitry of most living beings on this 

planet. Toxic influences, such as drugs and alcohol, seem to actually 

create tears and holes in humans’ auric fields, reflecting the 

disharmonious flow or blockages of energy through the etheric 


Indeed, with all we are dealing with in our changing world and polluted 

environments, there can be no question that we are besieged with 

disrupters: elements that can throw us out of frequency, knock us 

off balance and disturb our natural states of health and tranquility.

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